I’m old, I hate the cold, and I live in Minnesota. When I started this blog I had no purpose in mind for it, though, it has become mainly a book review site. My taste in books are as eclectic as my taste in everything else.


The Name Felonious Monk has nothing to do with crime or religion. One day a long time ago my then girlfriend (now one life stand) were talking and the subject of names came up, and I mentioned that I thought one of the coolest names, in my opinion, is Thelonious monk (the jazz pianist). She asked if I could have chosen my own name if I would have ever considered naming myself after the great musician. My reply was no, he was a musical genius and I am what my dad would call a prison singer. When she asked what a prison singer was I told her that when I sing, I’m behind a few bars and have no key. She started laughing and said that would make me Felonious Monk.




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