Smedley Darlington Butler

Smedley D. Butler born July 30, 1881 was probably one of the greatest American heroes that you’ve never heard about. What made him such a great American hero wasn’t the fact that he served his country as a Marine, the many battles and wars he fought in, or all the medals he received, including two medals of honor. Or that he stuck by the veterans when they marched on Washington to lobby for the bonuses they were promised. Several veteran were killed when the cavalry disbanded the veterans using gas.

What made Smedley such an American hero was the fact that even though he was at odds with some of the things the government was doing/did he never lost sight of what it meant to be an American. So when some wealthy businessmen approached him to lead an army of veterans to overthrow the United States Government and set up a fascist government. Not only did he say no, he exposed those who wanted to destroy American freedom. The media (owned by businessmen) reported the story as a hoax, even though an investigation found evidence that confirmed Butler’s story.

It is my opinion that Smedley Darlington Butler should have a national holiday in his honor, and that holiday should be the first Tuesday in November. Everyone should get the day off work and be strongly encouraged to vote. What is more American than voting?


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