The Black – Eyed Blonde by Benjamin Black

The Black-Eyed Blonde: A Philip Marlowe NovelThe Black-Eyed Blonde: A Philip Marlowe Novel by Benjamin Black
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One day a few weeks ago I walked passed the boob tube, and the guy that was talking caught my attention. He said his name is John Banville, and he was talking about a book he claimed he has written. Titled “The Black – Eyed Blonde”. He said he had written the book using his pen name, Benjamin Black. I was suspicious the moment that name rolled off his tongue. My first question was “why did this Banville fellow need an alias?”. He must be trying to pull a fast one. My second question was “why did he go with the name Benjamin Black?”. It didn’t take me long to conclude that finding the answers to those questions wasn’t worth my time, I had a drink to finish.

This Benjamin Black went on to say how he’s written a Philip Marlowe novel. Now I’ve never read a Philip Marlowe Novel before but I do recall watching a few movies where a man by the name of Humphrey Bogart played the part of Marlowe. I liked those movies, so my interest was piqued. Now I’ll have to do some investigating to see if Bogart is an alias. Maybe after a few more drinks I’ll Google it.

I was placed on a waiting list at the local library to get the book, seems I’m not the only one looking into this Benjamin Black character. After waiting a few weeks and checking my library account every couple of days the book finally showed up and was waiting for me, good thing I’m a patient man. When I got the book home and I cracked it open my head was suddenly filled with the voice of Mr. Bogart’s Philip Marlowe, it felt as though he was next to me telling me the story, the story of “The Black – Eyed Blonde”. Yeah the book was good. This John Banville A.K.A Benjamin Black bloke is A-OK in my book.

Before I laid my hands on the book I was hoping it would be a modern story, a story with a Marlowe of today. As I read my brain and my heart knew that Philip Marlowe didn’t belong in todays world and is best left in his own time.

So if you’re looking for a fast and fun read get your hands on “The Black-eyed Blonde”

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