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Should You Be Laughing At This? By Hugleikur Dagsson

Should You Be Laughing at This?Should You Be Laughing at This? by Hugleikur Dagsson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

After reading that this book has reached cult status and that the writer is Icelandic, (where the national drink is called black death, the national dish is putrefied shark, the national literacy rate is 99.9% and the author graduated from an art academy), I was expecting this book to be filled with wickedly dark, intelligent, and well drawn cartoons.

What I got was a book with 172 pages, each page contained one “stick figure” cartoon (so much for graduating from an art academy). The humor was dark but as far as intelligent goes, I found it a bit lacking, though I did get the underlying commentary being made on everything from politics, bad parenting, love and a few other subjects.

So to answers the title question, Should You Be Laughing At This? Well, I can’t answer for you but for me, out of the 172 pages, I think I cracked a smile a handful of times but a laugh was not to be found.

I wouldn’t recommend this book but I couldn’t say it was a waste of time either. It took less than 20 minutes to read the entire thing. Five smiles in 20 minutes may not be the best use of your time but it’s not the worst use either.

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