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You Killed My Brother by Keith Rommel

You Killed My BrotherYou Killed My Brother by Keith Rommel
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Keith Rommel is a master at taking a story in unexpected directions, keeping his readers on their toes. He also has the ability to introduce a character and and within a paragraph or two you feel as if you know and understand them.

I have previously read “The Cursed Man” and “The Lurking Man” by Keith Rommel and found both to be excellent reads. I was thrilled when I sat down to read his newest book “You Killed My Brother”. I avoided reading any descriptions or reviews of the book, the less I know the more I tend to enjoy (or dislike) a book. I naively thought that knowing the title I had a good idea what the heart of the story would be (silly me).

The story felt a little repetitive. As a reader and reading what happened then having (to read as) a character tell another character what happened, you end up rereading a few things. I felt that the thing that really hurt the story for me was the fact that a key piece of evidence felt out of place to me. However, the thing that should have bothered me most, but didn’t bother me at all, was the fact that the story revolves around what I want to call “fate” or “chance” but what should probably be called coincidence of astronomical proportions.

You Killed My Brother is a fun and fast read with enough unexpected twists and turns to keep you turning the pages. Those unexpected directions and the “perfect” ending (I really liked the ending) almost earned this a fourth star but there were enough things that missed the mark for me to keep it at three stars.

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