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The Lurking Man (Thanatology, Book 2) by Keith Rommel

The Lurking Man (Thanatology, Book 2)The Lurking Man by Keith Rommel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Lurking Man is the second book in the thanatoloy series (Study of Death and Dying) by Keith Rommel (the first was The Cursed Man). The series does not need to be read in order. After I read The Cursed Man I couldn’t wait to see what was next. I was not disappointed. The Lurking Man started as a sit on the edge of your seat and leave the lights on type of story but quickly evolved into an unpredictable story of judgment of one woman’s life. Keith Rommel is one of the few writers that can keep me off balance by leading me down a familiar path and yet I end up somewhere completely unexpected.

Some peoples worst nightmare: being forced to take an honest and brutal look at who and what they are and how their actions have affected those around them. This is the story of The Lurking Man. The protagonist, Cailean , is sitting at a table facing death, a reaper named Sariel. She must relive moments of her past and face her demons.

Keith Rommel takes you on a perplexing ride where you go from despising Cailean and being disgusted with the things she has done to feeling sympathy for her and hoping there is some type of redemption for her. The Lurking Man is a masterpiece of one woman’s judgment day.

Keith Rommel is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Two books, five stars each. Now waiting for Book 3.

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