Click to Give

Click to give is a website that was recently recommended to me by a friend. After checking it out and joining, I’m recommending it to you

How it works: You select which cause you would like to help. Click the ‘Click to Give’ button (only one click a day). That click is registered and every dollar made by the advertising goes directly to that charity.  You will get points added to your account, those points can be redeemed for free merchandise. Among the merchandise there are other ways to help, for example: 200 points will feed 3 abandoned pets for a week.

I have joined a couple other websites that make it easy to do some good. Care2 (  also has a click to donate section along with interesting stories on news, politics, health and other topics. There is also a place to sign petitions, or make your own, and it does all of this at no cost to you. While at Care2 you can earn butterfly points which you can donate to causes of your choice (I plant trees).

I’m also a member of SocialVibe, (  a site where you pick a charity and do activities and share those activities with others to raise money for your cause. You may have noticed the badge on the right side of this blog, feel free to click to help my cause and to get an idea of the type of activities that need to be done and shared to help your cause.

Another fun/educational site that helps the World Food Program is the free rice site ( You answer multiple choice questions and every correct answer earns 10 grains of rice.

I urge everyone to join a site like those mentioned in this post.  The amount of time you spend at them is up to you. It only takes a moment to do a daily click or at a site like Care2 you can spend more time reading articles, taking polls or making/signing petitions.

The accumulative  affect of that minute it takes for us to click a button can save a life and change the world.  Go ahead and give a click.


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