Blaming BP

Since the oil spill started in the Gulf of Mexico (months ago) the outrage against BP has grown rampant. The public has found out that BP has been lax in safety and that the organization in charge of watching over oil production has been letting oil companies get away with just about anything they want.

BP has also done what they could to down play the spill, from under estimating the amount of oil gushing into the gulf to trying to control the images and information the public gets to see and hear. Unfortunately our government has been little help, except to BP.

There have been calls for boycotts and calls to plug the leak with BP executives, and other well placed acts of knee jerk anger. Over time it has come to light that boycotting isn’t as easy as it sounds. Most BP gas stations are owned by citizens who bought a franchise from BP and BP oil is in many more products than just gas. If everyone did stop buying oil from BP and they were to go out of business, who would pay to clean up the mess?

To those who bought a BP franchise, I say, business is a gamble and you backed a loser. So stop complaining that the boycott is hurting you. Instead call up BP and complain that their operating practices are hurting your business and they need to change.

To those who have vowed to boycott BP, I say, broaden your attack and cut back on all oil usage. Include not buying bottle water,until they start using petroleum free bottles, call the company and tell them how you feel. Most important, call your representatives and tell them it’s time for clean renewable energy.

Every President since Nixon (at least) has said it’s time to reduce our dependence on oil. Unfortunately our representatives are in the pocket of oil companies and seem unwilling to change.

I have done my research and have sent emails (and signed petitions) letting my representatives how I feel and if they don’t change they won’t get my vote!

Here is a site where you can get a partial list of items made with petroleum

Make a Change!


2 responses to this post.

  1. I applaud you on the direct action you have taken, well done!

    BP, OSHA, the President and the government of the United States has failed the people miserably in what we all understand will be the largest man made environmental disaster in America for generations and only when independent scientist study the impact of methane, oil and Corexit combined will we fully understand the true impact to the gulf and surrounding states.

    What I can convey here is this, BP, OSHA and state authorities failed to inform residents of the dangers associated to the human body by Corexit and the long-term consequences on health and the environment this highly toxic chemical will deliver.

    It is unconscionable BP and OSHA failed to provide workers with PPE, personal protective equipment adequate for a toxic spill response of this nature. Residents who assembled to save the gulf from the spill were not informed of the dangers corexit causes to the human body or their exposure limits.

    Sadly, many workers exposed to this toxic soup will die and many more will become ill for the remainder of their lives. The Exxon spill in Alaska is proof enough; many of the workers there exposed to Corexit are now dead, dying or ill.

    Industry was aware of this understanding the risks and hazards associated with this clean up and failed to provide the necessary hazardous response equipment to untrained and ill informed people whose only concern was protecting their way of life and the environment, a crime which must be laid directly at OSHA’s and BPs door.

    I have worked in oil and gas development and exploration, and this is not how it is done. What we are witnessing right now is BPs attempt to save this well for future exploitation and development as this well is proving to hold large reserves. The longer BP is allowed to address this issue of national importance the more damage to the gulf and the world’s oceans will be done.

    It is time to bring in the army core of engineers and seal this well permanently before the damage to the environment becomes irreversible.



  2. Wonderful site and theme, would really like to see a bit more content though!
    Great post all around, added your XML feed! Love this theme, too!



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