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American Conspiracies by Jesse Ventura

This book was a really nice surprise. I’m not a huge fan of conspiracies nor am I a fan of Jesse Ventura. However, after seeing an interview with Jesse on Larry King I thought I would read the book, the interview piqued my interest.

The book is filled with some very interesting, and lesser known, facts. Facts that I think should be more widely known. Even though the book failed to convince me of all the conspiracies it did make me stop and think, which is never a bad thing for people to do. One of the biggest surprises was that the same “groups” kept coming up throughout the book from trying to overthrow FDR to the wall street mess and beyond.

Since everyone knows that power corrupts, why do we believe those in power so easily?

Overall I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. And Three cheers for Smedley Darlington Butler!


Feersum Endjinn by Iain M. Banks

This book wasn’t the easiest book to get into or to read. Each chapter is divided into 4 parts (except the last chapter it has six parts,) each part is the story of a different character. One of the characters, Bascule, was my favorite but his story was also the hardest for me to read, it’s written phonetically (which my brain has trouble translating).

The story takes place on Earth (way in the future) where people live their lives, die, then are transferred into a digital world where they live (like “the matrix” but everyone can be Neo) until they are reconstructed and get to live again (8 lives) Krypt time is faster than base reality so a second of reality equal hours in the krypt. The world is ending and the authorities are fighting to stay in power and save themselves.

The story is full of adventure, conspiracies and a world that only Iain M. Banks could have come up with.

I really liked this book but I wouldn’t recommend it to just anyone. It’s not a book you can pick up read a few pages and know what’s going on. You discover more and learn what’s going on right up until the last sentence.