Peeing In The Shower…

I shall blame Buddy Hackett for bringing this act to my attention. When I was about 17 I heard a stand-up routine, where part of the joke that Buddy was telling had the line “She was so high class she steps out of the shower to pee.” It was at that moment my brain crashed trying to figure out who pees in the shower? Maybe it’s because for the first 10-11 years of my life I only taken baths and I learned to pee before I got in the tub (peeing in the bath is NOT OK).

I’ve heard people say it’s no big deal and they are probably right, I mean the water is running and the drain that it’s going down hooks into the same drain as the toilet. I’ve also heard that peeing in the shower will kill bacteria that can cause foot fungus, I don’t know how true that is or if it’s just an excuse to make it sound acceptable.

Most places that I have lived, I’ve actually had to pass the toilet to get to the shower. The few places that I lived where you didn’t actually have to pass the former to get to the latter, it still wasn’t out of my way to stop, and stopping was always a good idea since I know the affect that running water (and getting wet) has on the human body. So unless your bathroom is really big or your house has a truly horrible floor plan there is no reason not to make a stop on your way to the shower.

On the other hand not making that stop and using the shower can save a flush which saves water and in this day and age that’s a good thing. Right?


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