Stopping DWI’s and Other Alcohol Related Problems

A few months ago there was a story about a man getting his 20th DWI*. That, along with some other problems that drinking contributes to, like domestic abuse got me thinking there has to be a better way to handle the problem.

Losing your drivers license doesn’t seem to stop people from drinking and driving.

Since a business has to have an alcohol licenses to sell alcohol I was thinking why not have it mandatory that you have to have an alcohol license to buy alcohol. A  photo alcohol  I.D that anyone of drinking age or older must get in order to purchase alcohol  (yes this means that even grandma and grandpa would be carded.) If you get a DWI, or involved with any alcohol related problem (i.e. domestic violence or supplying alcohol to anyone not licensed to have alcohol) would lose their alcohol license  for a period of time. Other punishments would/could still apply.

If you get a DWI and the state takes away your alcohol license for (let’s say) 6 months, after your 6 months is up you would have to buy a new license for double the original cost. So if your first license cost you $10 after a single DWI your costs would be $20 for each renewal (for life) and if you get a second offense your next license would be $40 then $80 after the third and so on or it could be three offenses and then lose your alcohol license permanently.

The State could charge you $5 – $10 for your I.D. And you would have to renew it every 4-5 years. Money the state could use for a number of things including to help pay for more law enforcement.

(Yes, I drink and I even get drunk from time to time, and yes I think this is a great idea and I would be willing to do it.)

Story *

The results of our current way of handling the problem:

More can be done.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Why not, seems like you need a license for just about everything else these days… I personally would rather see less restrictions with heavier penalties than lots of restrictions with minor penalties.

    Why not say if you are given a DUI you owe a huge fine, jail time, and then community service. Seems local governments could save a lot of money on road crews and the like by enlisting local offenders.

    Either way I’m sure every “good” idea breaks down somewhere and this is why we have state and federal legislatures endlessly passing new laws… you would think that after 200+ years of law making we would have all the holes patched up by now, but I digress.





    • I too heavier penalties. The reason I came to the view I did was because taking someones driver’s license away doesn’t seem to stop them from driving or drinking, this was the best solution I could come up with that would truly hamper the drinking end, though I know that some people will find away around anything. Thanks for the comments.



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