Dove, WTF?

Growing up I noticed that when the bar of Dove got small my Dad would put the sliver in his shaving mug. He always said, and I think he was right, Dove is as good as or better than any shaving cream. But I didn’t/don’t have a wife and 3 daughters to help with making the slivers. Keeping my mug full was a bit more difficult.

Skipping forward a few years (around 2000ish). One night I was on line and bored, so I decided to email Dove and mentioned how I used their product to shave and my problem of keeping my mug full. I suggested that they make a mug size shaving soap for men, admitting there are not a lot of guys that still use a shaving brush and soap these days. I was somewhat shocked when I got a reply a day or two later. I read the reply and was like WTF? I no longer have the reply so I’ll paraphrase: Dove makes products for women and women only we will never make products for men. I was like screw you too, see if I ever use your products again. But there new campaign of using “real” women in their commercials and ads, breaking the stereotype that every girl/woman needed to look like someone on the cover of a magazine to be considered beautiful. My anger dissipated when I saw what their company was about.

Flash forward to present time (well a week ago). The weekend of the super bowl I saw an ad: Dove for men! WTF? I was too flabbergasted to pay attention to the guy in the ad. So now I’m waiting to see what the men in their ads look like. Male model? Athlete? Or average Joe? If I don’t see a few beer guts and receding hair lines, Dove will have once again succeeded in making me say WTF?

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  1. lol nice… sounds like they need to fire their website PR person.



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