How About A Terrible Bowl (Pooper Bowl)? (Or Not So Super Bowl)

Well it’s playoff time in the NFL. Then the Super Bowl, with all it’s glory. The 2 “best” teams in the NFL will go head to head to determine the best of the best. After the championship games to determine who goes to the big game they get a week off. During this week the media builds (and hypes) the game to an incredible height that usually ends in disappointment, leaving the commercials as the best part of the viewers experience. On top of that the game is played in some warm climate stadiums or in a dome somewhere. It’s more like a circus than a football game.

What I would like to see is a “Terrible Bowl”, played the week between the end of the playoffs and the Super Bowl. The Terrible Bowl would be played between the 2 teams with the worst record, and the game should be played outdoors in a stadium some place like Buffalo, Cleveland, Green Bay or New England, someplace where the fans have to brave the elements (not for the luxury box crowd).

Instead of a trophy for the winning team, the NFL could have a banner that would be hung in the stadium of the losing team that read WORST TEAM OF ____ (YEAR)or it could say “THERE IS ALWAYS NEXT YEAR”. Instead of tickets that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars the tickets for the Terrible Bowl could be $10 on a first come basis, sold on day of game at the stadium box office.

I can already see real football fans camping out a week before the game (to get those 50 yd line tickets), and to cheer/jeer their team.


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