Homeless Twins (Roofless Anyways)

This last October the Minnesota Twins played their last game in the Metrodome. Most people around here seem excited about the Twins playing in their new outdoor stadium next year. Me? I’m a recent transplant to Minnesota, originally from Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve been living here just under two years and I was impressed with the dome. Sure the field seems farther away but there isn’t an obstructed view that I could find. Personally I will miss the dome, more than a few times I have walked out of the dome after a game and felt the cold wind or the cool rain and was thankful that the Twins played indoors.

All summer long I’ve heard people comment on how nice of a day it is and it would be a good day to be at an outdoor stadium. Shaking my head thinking; Are you crazy, this is Minnesota! It’s baseball not skiing. Sure baseball was meant to be played outside, but I ask, was baseball meant to be played in Minnesota? Answer, sure but not outside.

Being from Cleveland I remember plenty of Indians games being too cold, too hot, the rain delays, cancellations and it was just a couple years ago that the Indians had to play their season opener in Milwaukee because of SNOW! Then I think I’m in Minnesota and these people want to play baseball outside?! And I wonder if I belong.

Now I know there will be some great days at the new stadium, but I also know that there will be some miserable days there too. I’m also willing to bet that when they build their next stadium they will go back to an indoor park.

I have accepted the fact that my next baseball game will be watched outside in the elements and not in a temperature controlled building. I also remind everyone who is excited about the new stadium that they should be careful what they wish for, they just might get it.

I know it will be decades before they need to replace this new outdoor stadium, I am going to start using the word “RETRACTABLE” now and often.


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  1. Posted by deants on October 21, 2009 at 10:35 pm

    yes, my ideas exactly. Why could we not have a roof when we want and when we want the sun, go for it. Mil. WI, Toronto….and others…How absolutely stupid. Here’s the thing, Carl was dying and didn’t want to spend the money. What a cheap B—? And they still care for him. I hope the worms of the devil eats up Carl Pohlad before his time. What a cheap cheap person.



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