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Against A Dark Background (Iain M. Banks)

AADBReading Iain M. Banks is a must for Sci-Fi Readers. I have never been disappointed in a Banks Sci-Fi novel. It took a little longer than usual for me to get into “Against a Dark Background”. The book is over 600 pages long but by the time I got to page 500 I was wishing there were another 600 pages, I just didn’t want it to end.  Some of the story is predictable but there are plot twists that will have your jaw dropping. The ending was about as perfect as an ending could have been.

Would have gotten 5 stars, but after such a strong start with the prologue it seemed to drag in a few places in the beginning. It was like a locomotive after that it just kept picking up steam. Was hard to put down with 200 pages to go and impossible to put down the last 100 pages or so.

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