Creative Writing Exercise #2

Same rules as in #1, write something using all of the words at least once. Then leave a comment with  the URL that will take people to see it.

The words are:

1. zenith

2. infinite

3. evident

4. liberal

5. wax

6. jam

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  1. I like the idea of doing this exercise. I have no time to do it at the moment, but I may give it a whirl later. I don’t claim to be the best writer, but that may make it interesting!



    • Hey Matt,
      No problem join in whenever you have time. It’s not like it’s for anything other than fun. I know the people I’m doing it with here in Minneapolis are really enjoying it. I’m not a writer either but 2 of the other people do a lot of writing.



  2. Posted by Varun on August 23, 2009 at 11:06 pm

    Impressive…Liked the idea… Will give it some time soon…

    Keep it up,



  3. Brandi’s Story


    I stared out at the crowd that had gathered. They all stared waiting to see what kind of instrament I would use to bait the fire to my finger tips. I took a deep breath and as the drums started their even pace. I swayed my hips much to the fashion a belly dancer would. on the third swing though the flames perched themselves on my right hip. There was a gasp from the crowd.

    I picked up the pace on the dance and the flames spread there gentle fingers as they licked across my body. I supposed to the untrained eye, I would look like a waxless candel. time seemed to freeze as the roar of my firey friends surrounded me.
    I was moving faster as the flames blurred my vision the moon seemed to be located at the zenith of the vortex.
    My dance partner was like a liberal friend, so full of life so free, and forever changing. The fire was infinitely there no matter what I did, it was like a friend that never let you go. Not that it was a bad thing.
    The drum beat sped up making it evident that the dance was reaching its clmax.
    I spun faster making the vortex bulge until finally it exploded and reshaped itself to a dragon that slowly disapeared as I jamed my fist into its chest.
    The crowd exploded into an eruption of appluse as they saw it was the end of the show.



  4. Posted by Jimney Cricket on September 17, 2009 at 5:34 pm

    Hey Monk! Wandering in after having been gone for so long- thought I’d drop by and see what you got up. I think my computer and I have worked out a truce, so I’ll work on keeping up the visits. 😉

    Btw, nice idea! I should try that sometime on my own site. For this particular one though- I think I’ll give it a try. Looking at your previous post though, I think this one has an easier list of words. Yay for me! 🙂



  5. […] September 20, 2009 — honorarynewfie I don’t know if this is what Monk meant in his Creative Writing Exercise #2 […]



  6. Deb H.’s Story

    The Strength of an Argument

    Key words: Zenith, infinite, evident, liberal, wax, jam

    The attorney ponders his blunder. He had fought hard to state his case for greater liberalism in the courtroom today and yet he feels sluggish. Shouldn’t he feel joy? No, he reluctantly admits to himself. There was something that just wasn’t adding up. He cannot make sense of it, his mind caught in a proverbial log jam, blocking his ability to sort it out. He knows he has become disinterested in his typical argument though it had been effective in the past, or so he believes. He had hoped it would make him famous, and maybe he is kidding himself, but he has not yet been able to really leave his mark. The attorney becomes discouraged but realizes he must get to the heart of it. Perhaps his mind will clear after a good night’s rest.

    He tosses and turns that night, having trouble dozing off but eventually he moves into a more relaxed state and falls asleep. He has a dream where he is wearing a mask, lying in pain in a hospital bed with a cross upon his shoulder, mortally wounding him. He wants to go home but he is strapped down, cannot move, the straps made of chains. He tries to find a key to unlock himself but remembers he left the key in his wallet which he has lost. There is snow coming down into the room, a picture of desert on the opposite wall to the bed. There is a bird that flies to help him, one marked with a zenith, but it is out of reach.

    The attorney awakens, considering the dream. The moon is waxing out his window and he sees stars off in the infinite cool of the night. It is quite except for the breeze that makes a soft rustling sound as it moves over the leaves of the trees, his window open to enjoy the night air. Perhaps the image of the cross represents a problem of self-sacrificing, of attempting to carry too much of a weight. The bird most likely represents an ability to soar, a way of moving away from a too-heavy feeling and needs to clear out some emotional debris, too many poor feelings, a need to sooth the soul in order to gain a better perspective. Then a simpler understanding comes to mind, perhaps it simply means his argument is too cross, his emotions too angry, because people are not fully capable of understanding him. And it may not be entirely their fault for perhaps he has failed to use a more effective form.

    He considers the climate that might be influencing his approach.

    There is much in culture that influences him to using polarizing approaches influencing him to use both hot, (too angry) and cold (too analytical) methods and he is slowly awaken to the ineffectiveness of these poorer methods of articulation. Perhaps he continues to mask his emotions too much, an unwillingness to face himself that he is pretending that his approach is really working. He reconciles that he needs to use a cooler head, one that slows down and becomes more reasonable in conclusions and also a warmer, more emotionally appealing approach, truer to his nature and how he really values himself. He simply needs a more ’hospitable’ approach, one that is more healing and clearer. Perhaps his ‘star’ is not that far off, after all. He just needs to be more mature about it and read his audience better. Some things are so self-evident, starring us right in the face and yet we cannot see them, he chuckles to himself, shaking his head and realizing he is alright, good to go for another, better day.



  7. Stars Then And Now (Exercise #2)

    Not long ago there was a time when people watched the stars in the sky instead of “stars” on a box. The night sky was filled with an infinite number of stars, the milky way trailed across the sky. Stars were put in groups, given names, making up constellations. Stories were told and passed on through generations. Constellations were tracked as they changed with the seasons. The moon was also
    watched and tracked as it waxed and waned to keep track of the months. Most people could tell you the phase moon was in.

    In a little over sixty years that has all changed. These boxes, also called televisions, started appearing in homes with names like RCA or Zenith, that gave people new kinds of stars to watch. Over the years television has evolved. It now has a seemingly infinite number of channels with what should be something to watch, entertain or educate you at anytime of the day or year.

    Over the years there has been hundreds if not thousands of shows all sharing a few themes. Seems mosts shows have been based on crime, law or the medical field in one way or another, shows about family seems to be a repeating theme as well. Some shows are called situational comedies or sit coms for short. These shows are mostly about a family or a group of people where someone usually finds themselves in a jam (usually a self made) and then finding a way out of it (in a humorous way).

    Televisions are also used to bring news and information to those that watch them. Unfortunately over the years many of these news shows have started to slant news to suit their audience. Now you can choose what spin you like your news to have either conservative or liberal.

    I’m not really bashing this thing called television, it has helped information to reach all corners of the world and has changed the world. Putting a little thought into what has changed since it came along it will become evident that for everything we gained there is something that was lost.

    For me I think that the main thing we lost is a connection with the natural world, which is a shame.



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