Post/Creative Writing Exercise #1

I’ve been putting off writing my “creative writing exercise”. So I thought I would combine it with a post. Every since we drew the words I’ve been coming up with all sorts of ways to use them, but not really all together in a story. I must add that I don’t think Deb is all that thrilled with one of the words on the list that I’ve started to use (explanation later). The list of words that had to be used at least once are: Zyzzyva, Baboon, Beautiful, Vacillate, Foul and Bramble. The best part about this story is that it’s true.

A Trip on the Bus

We use the Minneapolis Transit System often, it’s a pretty good system. Most of the time when we ride the trip is blasé, but sometimes the trip can be an experience. One of the best things about riding the bus is people watching. The other night we were going over to a friends house for a cookout, then walk down and watch the fireworks. The bus was so full of people that getting on was like picking your way through brambles. Even though it was a warm day and the bus was crowded no one was in a foul mood. I guess everyone was headed downtown to see the fireworks and to enjoy the festivities. Many of the people on the bus were carrying on conversations, some on their cell phones, some with people they were riding with and others were talking to people that neither Deb or I could see. Other than the bus being packed nothing out of the ordinary happened. We went to the cookout had a good time, then we walked 5 or 6 blocks to watch the fireworks. I believe the fireworks were sponsored by Target. I should really email and thank them, they outdid themselves. The fireworks display was one of the most beautiful displays I’ve ever seen. The shear number they set off was amazing and the colors were dazzling. I was in awe. By the time the fireworks were over and it was time to catch the bus to go back home it was late (which is when the ride can be an experience). The bus was fairly empty, with a few people getting off and on. One of the riders that got on was a bit tipsy (drunk would be my honest opinion). He sat towards the back of the bus and decided to have a conversation with the bus driver. To say that his voice was loud would be putting it mildly, it was about as loud as a baboon’s butt next to a beige wall, you know that loud that only someone that is drunk can talk. The conversation was hilarious, he would ask the bus driver a question, “Hey man what’s your name”. “Billy” the bus driver said. “Millie? The man repeated. “No Billy” said the driver. “Millie?!” The man shouted. Frustrated the driver says loudly “Billy with a B!” Once again the man repeated “Millie?” At this point Deb and I are shaking our heads and trying to keep a straight face. The driver lowers his voice and calmly says “Billy”. To this the man responded “Oh you’re a William”. That was the point where Deb and I could no longer keep from laughing. When we finally got to (what he said was) his stop he stood by the door looking out the door then looking back down the aisle of the bus vacillating on if this was his stop or not. The rest of the ride home was uneventful. I know that sometimes Deb and I are the ones that are being watched by other people watchers and I’m willing to bet that lately we are the ones being talked about after we get off. We carry on our conversation and we laugh and joke with each other and we have playful disagreements. Since I’ve learned that zyzzyva can also mean the last word, I end all such disagreements holding up a hand and saying zyzzyva (and laughing).


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  1. Brilliant. I love the idea of taking random words (did you just pick them from a dictionary? by flipping it open and pointing?) and putting them together into a coherent story. Well done!



    • Thanks, actually I went through a dictionary made of list of words (about 800 or so) then I printed the list cut the words out and put them in a box, we did a drawing and those were the 6 words that were picked. If you want to read a really good story check out the comments under the post Creative Writing Exercise #1, one of the people I’m doing this with IRL emailed me her story and I posted it there (she is a talented writer). I hope you join in, write a story then post the URL under the comments of the post with the list of words so others can find it. (that way people will find your site too). Another list will be posted soon. (probably by Friday).

      Thanks for visiting.



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