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“Waste” A Minute And Help Others (SocialVibe)

In the side bar to the right,  you will see my SocialVibe Badge. Take a moment and click the “Help Now! button. You will get a message from my sponsor (watch the video), answer a question (something like “who is your hero?”) and for your time (maybe 1 minute) my sponsor will make a donation to help  get clean water to those that need it.  So waste a minute of your time and save a life.

If you have a badge on your site leave a comment with your Blog URL and I’ll visit your site and click your Badge.


Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

Ender's GameI’ve heard a lot about this book, it’s at the top of most best sci-fi book lists. I found it at a bookstore in the young adult section, so for along time I passed it by. I recently broke down and decided to read it, just so I could say “Ender’s Game, I’ve read that.” And to see how it stacked up against the hype. It’s basically about humans breeding genius children and teaching them to fight (command) in a war against aliens. The story easily relates to young adults with all of the “it’s everyone against me, I’m an outcast, and the adults keep changing the rules.” The story is much deeper and entertaining that I thought it would be, it was a very nice surprise. I would highly recommend this to anyone, no matter their age, though I think males would enjoy it more.

Movie, Books and Video Games Recommendations

A friend (from goodreads) started a site It’s a site where you can rate, leave reviews and get recommendations for movies, books and video games. The more people that join the better it works so check it out and sign up.