Hip Hip Hooray! The Trial Is Over!

I’ve finally finished The Metamorphosis and The Trial by Franz Kafka. Rating them separately I would give The Metamorphosis 2 stars. I really found the story interesting, even though I didn’t care for the main character and the writing style was tedious, but it was a fairly short read. It’s about a man that changes into an insect and the affect it has on him and his family. I found all kinds of metaphors for life in the story, which helped to keep me interested, but I’m happy it was short. Now for The Trial I wouldn’t give it any stars, I am however thinking about giving it a match. The Trial is about a man (Josef K.) that is told he is under arrest, but not taken anywhere, and is put on trial for an unspecified reason. His lawyer and even the “minor/low level” judges overseeing the case do not know what the charge is against Josef K. I HATED the writing style and after about 50 pages I really didn’t care about Josef, his case, the trial or the outcome. I just wanted it to be over so I could start a fire.

Copied from Wikipedia: According to Kafka’s friend Max Brod, the author never finished the novel and wrote in his will that it was to be destroyed. After his death, Brod went against Kafka’s wishes and edited The Trial into what he felt was a coherent novel and had it published in 1925.

I think that if Max was a real friend to Kafka (or the world) he would have done as Kafka wished.

My Rating of 2 stars for The Metamorphosis and A Match for The Trial combined equal 1 star and a match.



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  1. Kafka was my favorite of the prominent Existentialists, when I studied them in college. He was brilliant – much more so, I think, than Sarte, Camus or Nietzsche. He achieved, in his writings, what the others sought, but failed, to become. Great.





    • My girlfriend (Deb)says I should read some of his other works. I did kind of enjoy The Metamorphosis but I found nothing to like about The Trial. So one day I may try some of his other writings. He may have been great, but even he wanted The Trial to be destroyed. Of course the great thing about writers and books are that there is something for everyone.



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