Hearing Jimi


Jimi Hendrix, the greatest guitar play of all time? He is according to Rolling Stone (link below). Even though I agree with them I wouldn’t have you just take their word for it. My taste in music is eclectic and a few years ago I got the Voodoo Child CD to see for myself just how good he was, since there are literally 100’s of great guitar players. I put the CD on my computer and gave it a listen. My first impression was that he was talented but his riffs were overdone to the point of being annoying. The problem was I was just listening to it and not really hearing it. Then one night, probably about a month later, I hooked my headphones up to the computer, set it to random play, turned out all of the lights and laid in bed (one of my favorite ways to relax). I think that most people enjoy music that touches their soul in someway. I also believe that there are many artist that can do that. While laying there in the dark, relaxing and really listening to the music when Jimi’s “Machine Gun” started playing. While listening I started to hear Jimi for the first time. I finally got it. To me Jimi’s music didn’t reach out and touch my soul. Instead I think his soul and his music became one, allowing him to share his soul with the listener. Some artist have talent, some have the “it” factor and others are gifted, but to me Jimi and a few others had an ability to literally share their soul. That to me is why Jimi is the greatest guitar player of all time. All I had to do was stop listening and start hearing. Jimi will always have a spot on my play list. Once you hear Jimi you will always be able to listen to Jimi.



2 responses to this post.

  1. I can’t say I’m familiar with that many of his lesser songs but I still enjoy listening to Purple Haze and Crosstown Traffic.



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