Interpret This…A Dream


This is a dream I had about 2 yrs ago. It was one of those dreams that sticks with you. I bring it up now because I was watching the movie Twilight the other day and the Dr./vampire reminded me of the dream again. So here it goes.

In the dream, I’m in a room. The room was bright and all white, it was also void of furniture and windows. There was a man in the room, blond slicked back hair, dressed in black. He kept attacking me trying to bite/kill  me (I knew he was a vampire). I kept fighting him off, but as it went on and on, I could feel myself getting tired and knew that if I didn’t stop the fighting soon he would win. So the next time he came at me I grabbed him and threw him down, put my foot in the middle of his back grabbing a handful of his hair I lifted his head, took out my pocket knife and sawed his head off (it came off pretty easy and just slightly messy). Then I held his head up, looked him in the eyes and thought I bet you’ll leave me alone now. End of dream, I woke up.

Now in the dream I was never really afraid (just annoyed that he kept attacking me) so I wouldn’t call this dream a nightmare. My personal conclusion was that this was a good dream, even though I did worry about telling my girlfriend about it, I mean I did dream about sawing someone’s head off even though it was a vampire. She seemed to take it well, we even moved in together about 6 months later.

So let me know your interpretation of this dream (I have my own) or just leave a comment if you like. I’m always interested in hearing the opinions of others.


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