Throw Away Vote (Take the Poll)


Normally, one would think that its not the right time for this post. In Minnesota (as of today) the Senate race still isn’t settled, which is part of the reason I’m writing this. A couple weeks ago, at a party, a friend mentioned that he voted for the “third party candidate” and someone commented that he threw his vote away. Over the years I too have been told that I’ve thrown my vote away just because I didn’t vote for either of the “main candidates”. Like my voting for candidate “C” made candidate “A” lose to candidate “B”. To that I say Bull!  If they don’t earn my vote they don’t get my vote (but I still vote). So I thought I would say here in this post what I have been telling people for years. I believe that everyone who is eligible to vote should vote (there really are no excuses). The only votes that are thrown away are the ones not cast. If you don’t like the democrat or the republican candidate then don’t vote for them,  if you don’t like anyone else on the ticket (“third party”),  write a name in. The more votes third party candidates or write ins get the stronger the message is to the main parties that we are not happy with them and that they need to change. In my opinion it’s time for the politicians to put the people above the politics of their party. If they do not and if everyone would exercise their right to vote, Mickey “Freakin” Mouse (or some other fictional character) might end up winning a few elections (I would like to see the candidates explain that one).



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  1. Posted by Deborah H. on April 5, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    Consider Instant Voter Runoff as another viable option to avoid 2-party monopolies! XXOO – From a devoted fan



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