Celebrating Earth Hour ’09


 Earth hour was last night (march 28) and between 7:30 and 8:30, everyone was suppose to turn off their lights. All week long I’ve been hearing some people talking about how wonderful the event would be to help people become more aware of the power they consume (blah, blah, blah). While other people were telling us not to do it, that it all was just a gimmick (blah, blah, blah), some even named a few of the companies (huge power consuming companies) that were “sponsoring” the event hoping to persuade people not to join in (I wasn’t aware you needed sponsors to have people turn off their lights). I personally think those companies were more like participants than sponsors. We didn’t pay too  much attentions to all the hype, considering we had a birthday party to go to and wouldn’t be home. So I guess we participated by default. After we got home I started to think that in the future a party would be a nice compromise. The people that were against Earth hour could throw a party (keeping their lights/music/etc. on) and those that wanted to join in for Earth hour could turn off their lights and go to the party (everybody wins). If you were for Earth hour or against it, I don’t really care but next year could you please not hype it up or bash it,  just have a party or go to one.

Note: If you think that turning your lights off 1 hour 1 day a year is wonderful you should probably do some more thinking. And if you think that getting people, companies (big power consuming companies) and cities to turn their lights off for 1 hour once a year is a waste of time then you should probably do some more thinking too.


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