Me And Blogging

I started this blog just to write down random thoughts, ideas and sometimes rants. Thinking I’ll blog but no one will ever read it, and not really caring, I was blogging for me more than others. The day after my first post I checked my stats and I was pleasantly surprised that a couple other people read what I had written. In my personal life only 4 people know that I have a blog and 2 of those don’t use computers much and 1 of the others (Deb) doesn’t count because we live together (she knows everything I do). Then 3 days ago I found a site called and I’ve had more hits in the last 3 days than I had in the first 2 months. At first I thought all the hits were probably from some kind of bot on the site, but I had to rethink that considering that I go there all the time and check out blogs. In fact I have written comments on a couple other blogs that I came across using Now I still blog for myself but I’m not going to lie, it feels nice to have hits and comments on my posts. The subjects of my blog will have a wide range. So if you don’t like this post just scroll down and keep reading and if you still don’t find anything good check back often, I’ll keep posting.


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