Politics And The Spinning Media


I for one, am sick and tired of the way certain “news” shows spin political news, and the self-righteous ego driven idiots giving us their spin. Seems to me the 24 hour “News” networks are becoming as fringe as the far left and far right wing “nuts”. First it was Fox “news”, if you can realistically call it news, that went so far to the right that their heads went up their ass. MSNBC is quickly joining Fox in becoming a fringe “news” organization (at least when it comes to politics). With these channels right next to each other on my cable channel line up, I wonder what would happen (and afraid to find out) if I switched back and forth between the two. Would I open a gateway to a world where moderates and common sense ruled the world or would I get some form of brain whiplash from hearing the same news story with one version causing Armageddon and the other causing heaven on earth. Seriously though, I have all but blocked Fox News and I seldom stop on MSNBC any more. I wish it was possible to remove just those channels from my cable lineup so they don’t get any of my money. Unfortunately, I know that they are part of a extended cable package (what if the viewers only paid for the channels they wanted?). This leaves me watching CNN or CNN Headline News, which I find somewhat annoying with all their fancy technologies, like their holograms. Why would me seeing a hologram be any better than seeing the person on a monitor? (Now when they can get Soledad O’Brien’s hologram to appear in my living room they will have something). CNN must be leading the way with all of their interactive crap too (twitter/facebook/myspace and let’s not forget ireport). When I want to find out the publics opinion I’ll read more blogs. When I turn on the news I want the news with as little spin as possible and I want it from news professionals and not pundits or so called “experts” (a.k.a spin artists). I for one don’t need the news to re-enforce what I already believe. I need it to let me know what’s happening. I’m smart/independent enough to have my own opinions.


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  1. Posted by Tim on March 31, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    Well said my friend.



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