Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

stpatsday3 (Pictured left to right, Some woman who just wanted to be in the photo, Terry, Robert (me), Deb, Robert (the Leprechaun King) and Tim)

Is there any better way to enjoy St. Patrick’s day than at an Irish pub with a few friends? Maybe, but today I find it hard to think of one. I was going to write this last night when we got home but I was sober enough to know that I was too drunk for that to be a good idea. If you are ever in Minneapolis Minneasota (on St. Patrick’s Day or not) I strongly suggest stopping by The Local and ordering a Big Ginger and an order of fries (other food there is good too). The Local sells more Jameson Irish Whiskey than any place in the World! I do have to warn people that if you are here on St. Patty’s day and you do stop by The Local it will be packed. Minneapolis (as I’m sure other cities did too) let people ride the buses for free after 6 O’Clock last night which not only cut down on traffic but probably saved lives (keeping drunks from driving). We watched the parade, had a few drinks and just chatted with friends new and old. Though I must admit that riding a bus while “slightly” intoxicated was more fun than I thought it would be (at least for me I’m not sure how the regular passengers felt about it). It was a last minute decision to go anywhere and it was a bit abbreviated (just a few hours) but it was still very enjoyable.


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