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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

wwzNot just for Zombie lovers. This book has a little something for everyone. In the beginning, the pandemic and the way people and governments reacted felt similar to Jose Saramago’s “Blindness” (but with punctuation). The book is done in short personal stories, each one is another piece of the bigger picture. The stories are woven together brilliantly. By the end it feels like Max Brooks has written a future history, it has that real of a feel to it. The Zombies were cool too, but to me they just represented a disaster large enough to threaten all human life. The stories show realistically (at least to me) how people would deal with such a disaster.

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Celebrating Earth Hour ’09


 Earth hour was last night (march 28) and between 7:30 and 8:30, everyone was suppose to turn off their lights. All week long I’ve been hearing some people talking about how wonderful the event would be to help people become more aware of the power they consume (blah, blah, blah). While other people were telling us not to do it, that it all was just a gimmick (blah, blah, blah), some even named a few of the companies (huge power consuming companies) that were “sponsoring” the event hoping to persuade people not to join in (I wasn’t aware you needed sponsors to have people turn off their lights). I personally think those companies were more like participants than sponsors. We didn’t pay too  much attentions to all the hype, considering we had a birthday party to go to and wouldn’t be home. So I guess we participated by default. After we got home I started to think that in the future a party would be a nice compromise. The people that were against Earth hour could throw a party (keeping their lights/music/etc. on) and those that wanted to join in for Earth hour could turn off their lights and go to the party (everybody wins). If you were for Earth hour or against it, I don’t really care but next year could you please not hype it up or bash it,  just have a party or go to one.

Note: If you think that turning your lights off 1 hour 1 day a year is wonderful you should probably do some more thinking. And if you think that getting people, companies (big power consuming companies) and cities to turn their lights off for 1 hour once a year is a waste of time then you should probably do some more thinking too.

Me And Blogging

I started this blog just to write down random thoughts, ideas and sometimes rants. Thinking I’ll blog but no one will ever read it, and not really caring, I was blogging for me more than others. The day after my first post I checked my stats and I was pleasantly surprised that a couple other people read what I had written. In my personal life only 4 people know that I have a blog and 2 of those don’t use computers much and 1 of the others (Deb) doesn’t count because we live together (she knows everything I do). Then 3 days ago I found a site called and I’ve had more hits in the last 3 days than I had in the first 2 months. At first I thought all the hits were probably from some kind of bot on the site, but I had to rethink that considering that I go there all the time and check out blogs. In fact I have written comments on a couple other blogs that I came across using Now I still blog for myself but I’m not going to lie, it feels nice to have hits and comments on my posts. The subjects of my blog will have a wide range. So if you don’t like this post just scroll down and keep reading and if you still don’t find anything good check back often, I’ll keep posting.

Politics And The Spinning Media


I for one, am sick and tired of the way certain “news” shows spin political news, and the self-righteous ego driven idiots giving us their spin. Seems to me the 24 hour “News” networks are becoming as fringe as the far left and far right wing “nuts”. First it was Fox “news”, if you can realistically call it news, that went so far to the right that their heads went up their ass. MSNBC is quickly joining Fox in becoming a fringe “news” organization (at least when it comes to politics). With these channels right next to each other on my cable channel line up, I wonder what would happen (and afraid to find out) if I switched back and forth between the two. Would I open a gateway to a world where moderates and common sense ruled the world or would I get some form of brain whiplash from hearing the same news story with one version causing Armageddon and the other causing heaven on earth. Seriously though, I have all but blocked Fox News and I seldom stop on MSNBC any more. I wish it was possible to remove just those channels from my cable lineup so they don’t get any of my money. Unfortunately, I know that they are part of a extended cable package (what if the viewers only paid for the channels they wanted?). This leaves me watching CNN or CNN Headline News, which I find somewhat annoying with all their fancy technologies, like their holograms. Why would me seeing a hologram be any better than seeing the person on a monitor? (Now when they can get Soledad O’Brien’s hologram to appear in my living room they will have something). CNN must be leading the way with all of their interactive crap too (twitter/facebook/myspace and let’s not forget ireport). When I want to find out the publics opinion I’ll read more blogs. When I turn on the news I want the news with as little spin as possible and I want it from news professionals and not pundits or so called “experts” (a.k.a spin artists). I for one don’t need the news to re-enforce what I already believe. I need it to let me know what’s happening. I’m smart/independent enough to have my own opinions.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

stpatsday3 (Pictured left to right, Some woman who just wanted to be in the photo, Terry, Robert (me), Deb, Robert (the Leprechaun King) and Tim)

Is there any better way to enjoy St. Patrick’s day than at an Irish pub with a few friends? Maybe, but today I find it hard to think of one. I was going to write this last night when we got home but I was sober enough to know that I was too drunk for that to be a good idea. If you are ever in Minneapolis Minneasota (on St. Patrick’s Day or not) I strongly suggest stopping by The Local and ordering a Big Ginger and an order of fries (other food there is good too). The Local sells more Jameson Irish Whiskey than any place in the World! I do have to warn people that if you are here on St. Patty’s day and you do stop by The Local it will be packed. Minneapolis (as I’m sure other cities did too) let people ride the buses for free after 6 O’Clock last night which not only cut down on traffic but probably saved lives (keeping drunks from driving). We watched the parade, had a few drinks and just chatted with friends new and old. Though I must admit that riding a bus while “slightly” intoxicated was more fun than I thought it would be (at least for me I’m not sure how the regular passengers felt about it). It was a last minute decision to go anywhere and it was a bit abbreviated (just a few hours) but it was still very enjoyable.