Sports And Steroids


Another “superstar” (stupidstar) admits using steroids. There is enough blame to go around, from the franchise that wants to win,  the League that doesn’t want to admit, (or minimizes) the fact that they have a problem, the player that needs an edge, to the fan that loves their favorite players so much that they will forgive them anything (as long as they win). I’ve heard people say let them use steroids, they can balance the health risks with the financial gain and make their own decisions. I’ve also heard some say with the cost of tickets and team paraphernalia I want the best performance they can give me (and for my team to win). I think those people are morons.

Sports are a competitive business. So why wouldn’t someone do what ever they can to be better than the next guy, to get and keep their job and make the most money they can?  Besides the fact that it’s cheating and places more pressure on others to use just to keep up. Rules and penalties are now in place. Tests are given. Players appeal then take a reduced suspension. Seems like cheating is going on and to me at least it seems that some teams (coaches) are looking the other way if not helping them to cheat. Coaches need to win to keep their jobs, so if a superstar on that team is doping why should the coach do anything?

While watching the Superbowl there were several personal fouls most of which seemed to be nothing more than stupid plays or frustration. On one play though a Pittsburgh defender was punching a Cardinal player (several times) in the back while he was down on his hands and knees then shoved him when he raised up. My first thought was “roid rage”. The refs called the personal foul right away, even the announcers commented on it saying he went too far or he should be ejected from the game. I personally thought he should have been ejected and tested right then. He alone tainted the Superbowl for me. I believe the guilty player was also the defensive player of the year, which makes me wonder how he won that.

I’m to the point now where every time I see someone hit a home run, make a great play or lose his cool (in any sport) my first thought is “steroids” and I’m not alone in my thinking. The Leagues need to take some real steps to clean sports up and earn back the respect of the fans (mine anyways). If a player is caught using a banned substance all their stats up to that date should be erased or at the very least have an asterisk (and not count for any hall of fame records). He should then have to be automatically tested every week (blood and urine) until he tests clean for a straight 52 week period. During which time his pay is cut in half and is halved again every time a test comes back positive. Even if his contract runs out no  team (his or another) should be allowed to pay more while he is under penalty. Once he has tested clean for 52 weeks his pay would return to normal. Repeat offenders should just be banned from the sport, period.  A banned substance clause should be in every contract. It’s bad enough we have little girls thinking that if they aren’t a size 0 they are fat, now we have little boys thinking if they don’t use steroids they can’t make it in sports.

Until the NFL, MLB and other Leagues (and players) really try to clean up their sports (and not just make half hearted attempts while they continue to make money), sports will just be freaks making too much money. Guess what I’m saying is basically I’m done with sports.


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